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Hello! You have stumbled across my wiki page! Here is a few interesting facts about me! ^_^


About me!

I am Italian, Ukranian, and Scottish. I was born in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Georgia when I was 4. I love the snow and cold weather so I will probably move back up there when I get older. I'm 18 and I'm a freshmen at GGC. I plan to be a Psychologist and a writer when I grow up. ^_^. My car is a Thunderbird LX. I love it. It's my baby! Here is a picture of it! <3

My car.jpg


I love, love, love to write! I write my own stories and I am currently writing my own novel in which I hope to send to a publisher this summer. ^_^. I love reading and drawing. I am interested in learning new languages and learning about different cultures. I love playing videogames!!! My favorite types are RPG's and fighting games. My favorite game right now is the new game that i got for Christmas:Baroque. Very, very interesting. I also love traveling to new places.

Places I have visited

Since I am interested in Japanese animation, I begged my father to let me visit Japan. This past summer I finally got to visit Japan for two weeks with my uncle. It was fantastic. I learned tons of new things and met tons of people. My new best friend/pen pal is Yoko! I will put a picture of him here later! ^_^. I have also been to England to visit my friend, Jessica. It was very exciting to see the new sights and here the accents everywhere I went. I love the British accents! I would like to, and plan to, visit these countries some time: Russia, Germany, Australia, and Italy. Below is my friend Yoko! He is so adorable! Lol. That is a stick of pocky and not a cigarette in his mouth. Lol!



I am currently in a band. We are working on a title because none of us are agreeing with just one so we are switching around the names to find something catchy. I play drums and guitar and I love it! It's rock music, obviously, but we sometimes go into techno and the different types of rock. My favorite genre of music to listen to is alternative rock or any type of rock. I love Japanese and German rock music. My favorite bands are Rammstein, E. Nomine, TaTu, Tokio Hotel, Dir en Grey, Miyavi, Moi dix Mois, and many others!! Below is a picture of one of my favorite bands, Dir en Grey!

                                      Dir en Grey!.JPG

ITECH Assignments! ^_^

My Second Page

Go watch anime!

Random person in class!

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