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This is the first edition of Nicks wiki page for Digital Media.


                   ("Dressed To Kill")


About Me

Hi my name is Nick Barnes I'm an IT major completing my second semester here at GGC. I previously attended Georgia Perimeter college for a few semesters. In addition to school i work a full time job so i am a little short on free time. I'm 25 years old and trying to get this degree finished so i try and not fool around to much at school.


My main hobby is fitness and nutrition ( yes it can be a hobby). Trying to eat and live healthy can take a lot of time and effort. If I'm at home theres a 9/10 chance I am sitting in front of my computer. Computers are a lifelong passion for me. I used to game heavily but i really haven't had a lot of time since returning to school so now I mostly just browse the web and file share at night. For books and movies I really like science fiction, and if I'm watching TV its usually on history, discovery, science, or military channel as I really don't like sitcoms and drama shows.


Life is a journey not a race, don't rush to get to the end.

Aquarium Pics




PodCast Project
Image Project
Video Project
Animation Project


My Work

A java program I wrote to convert between number types


A Blast From the Past!!!!!

Classic gaming memories

Happy Times


Bobbys Wiki

My Second Page

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