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Alyson Shields

About Me

Hello! I'm Alyson & I'm a sophomore and this is my third semester at GGC.
(Myself & my friend Katie on Halloween 2008)

I spent my first semester at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville. I decided that driving back and forth all the time for work, friends, and family wasn't very fun and moved back home to Gwinnett. With the exception of that first semester, I have lived in Gwinnett County my entire life. I attended Peachtree Ridge High School (ps. so did Brian) and I graduated from there in 2008. I'm 19 and will be 20 on April 21! I work at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament as a photographer and as part of the cast as the princess. I love horses and I've been riding since I was about 8, so almost 12 years. For my 16th birthday, after 8 years of taking riding lessons, my parents finally helped my buy my own horse. Her name is Buffy (no, not like the vampire slayer...) and she's a total brat, but I love her. Sadly, I don't have enough land to keep her at home, so she's boarded at a lovely farm called Steadfast Farms.

This is Buffy



Contact Information

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