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Drew Stephenson

Nickname Drewskee

also known as triple threat

Bro n sis.bmp
Hello to all who get a chance to read this page. My name is Drew and I am a new transfer student to GGC. Of Jamaican decent, mother

from Montego Bay and father from Tivoli, I was born in Brooklyn, New York; And to all of my fellow New Yorkers, East Flatbush to be more specific. I have a little brother and sister who happen to be fraternal twins, both of whom are 18 years old. I have lived in Georgia about half of my life but have family all around the world. Currently I have family living in New York, Canada, Jamaica, Florida, and the rest in England.

I am what you would call an active person. I love to stay busy and I am getting better at getting on top of things. Other than school I take
part in numerous activities such as volunteering with my frat brothers of the organization Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Other than that in my spare time I enjoy writing poetry and taking part in anything artistic. I have recently taken time to showcase this skill in a program called gimp. I also love the art of photos like my classmate Alyson Shields I love listening to music and sometimes just reflecting.
Well I bet, at this point, your wondering why my nickname is triple threat. If you would like to know why my nickname is triple threat then
click the link and I will tell you all about my nickname.


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