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  • Class Location: Building A 1740
  • Prerequisites: ITEC1001: Introduction to Computing
  • Instructor: Mark James; email:;
  • Required Textbook: Digital Multimedia Primer; edition 1 (ISBN-10: 0132239442) or edition 2 (ISBN-10: 0132893509)

DMPrimerBookCover.jpg DMPrimerEdition2BookCover.jpg

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Syllabus (updated)

Course Calendar

The Multi-Media vocabulary educational game site I've put together for this class is at This is a development page and not every item will work fully. But the top vocab activity works. This is optional material.

Images to Use in Class for Week 2 - Do Not Remove These Images - Copy and Save Them Only!

Bear 01.jpg

GGC Grizzlies logographic.jpg


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