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Basic Information

  • Location: A1450
  • Meeting Time:
12:30pm - 1:45pm MWF
  • Textbook:
  1. This course is supported in part by Affordable Learning Georgia with a Textbook Transformation Grant to develop no-cost-to-student textbook material
  2. All the course material used in this course has already been developed or adapted by the grant investigators
  3. The course material has been made available in D2L with no cost to every student

Course Resources

Useful links

Why a Wiki?

What is important is that everyone contributes to the wiki. There are many ways to contribute. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Post content
  • Organize/restructure content
  • Suggest content that is needed

Wikis are an example of viral content. To quote from

One of the most useful attributes of introducing a wiki into an organization is its viral nature. Once a few people begin to use the wiki, they often realize that they could be even more efficient if only their colleagues were using the wiki too. Soon, wiki accounts are spreading exponentially.

What this means is that the more you use and contribute to the wiki, the better a resource it will be.


In the portion of the class where we talk about vision and color, we'll have a look at these illusions.
Blind spot test
Gradient illusion
Same color illusion
Grid illusion
Ponzo illusion
Revolving illusion
The dragon illusion
The shade illusion
change blindness
Do not trust your eyes

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