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Bitmap Project: Astephe1

This is my Bitmap Project.
Sentence #1- I chose a picture of myself to be edited as the colorful background would give me plenty to play with on the editing program GIMP.
Sentence #2. I also liked the fact that I was moving and so I may be able to motion blur the image or just apply other cool effects.

NOTE: I Blurred the background into the second image. It shows up only slightly unless you look close at the bottom left corner you can see a color difference and to the top right.



What file extensions are most common to bitmap images? Name at least 3.

  • Common bitmap file extensions include: .jpg, .gif, and .png

Are bitmap images easier to work on than vector? Why or Why not?

  • Bitmap are harder to work with if the exact specifications are not known before editing. Bitmap images can not be made larger and do not edit very well. However; they only contain the necessary information needed to produce the image needed. They are also produce more realistic images.

Why are bitmap images more common in everyday usage? Include its advantages in your answer.

  • Bitmaps produce realistic images. The are also used alot as they contain small amounts of data, so it is easy to transfer and use large amounts of images. The image itself is in good quality and easy to shrink.

What were the most useful feature(s) used in GIMP that helped you with your project?

  • Clone Brush, Opacity Level Tool, Eraser Tool, The Layers, and The Hue Adjustments that could be made.

Gimp Animaton by Drew Stephenson

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