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Olivia Carani

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Hello, thank you for visiting my Wiki site. My name is Olivia Carani. I was born and raised in Lawrenceville, GA, but I recently moved to Auburn, GA. I graduated from Peachtree Ridge Highschool in 2011, and am now a student at Georgia Gwinnett College, and I changed my major from Cellular Biology to Psychology this semester, with hopes of becoming a successful psychiatrist in the future. My mom teaches second grade, and as a teacher, unfortunately does not make the salary that she deserves, so I hope to be able to help her retire early. I have been a vegetarian for eight years now, and am an avid animal rights activist. My grandpa attended and played for Alabama University, so I was born into being a die hard Alabama football fan!

Favorite Links

Classmates Wiki


  • Exercising
  • Exploring new beers
  • Science
  • Volunteering at animal shelters


  • Stouts
    • New Holland's Dragon's Milk
    • Left Hand Milk Stout
    • Terrapin's Moo-HooChiatio
  • World of Beer in Savannah, GA
    • Sour beers
    • Craft beers
  • Brewniversity program at Taco Mac

Working Out

  • Running in the park
  • Yoga
    • Warrior II
    • Upward Facing Dog
    • Triangle
    • Child's Pose
    • Bound Angle
  • Walking my dogs

Environmentally Conscious

  1. Recycle
  2. Conserve water
  3. Avoid using styrofoam
    1. Non biodegradable
  4. Nissan Leaf
    1. No oil, no emissions
    2. Runs off of electricity
    3. No pollutants
    4. Very cost effective
  5. Use eco-friendly lightbulbs
    1. Drastically reduces pollution

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My Pets
Toby Paris Bean
Shih Tzu/Chihuahua Lhasa Apso/Yorkie American Curl
Black dog Black and brown dog Gray, black and white cat
12 Pounds 11 Pounds 7 Pounds
Favorite Things in Life
Tattoos Yoga Dogs
Wine Pizza Make-up
Coffee Hair Accessories Brunch
Favorite Snacks
Type Description
Zours Candy Sour Chewy
Snickers Bar Chocolate Chewy and crunchy
Dorito's Spicy Sweet Chili Spicy and sweet Crunchy chips
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