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ITEC2110 Sample Wiki Page


A picture of myself with my sister Stephanie and Misty.
I like taking pictures of the sky because of the colors, however it doesn't show up well in the capture.
Misty, the most faithful companion of all dogs.
Slyvester, he's a cutie, but he is a bigger pushover than Misty and that is saying a lot. Moving on...
Naomi, nature's fearful huntress she already prove herself of the title I seen the body count.

A local caterpillar that I encountered through my travels. I bestow the name 'Curly' upon them.

You are to create a personal Wiki page based on this sample. You should include background information about yourself such as: name, nickname, hometown, major, family, friends, interests, hobbies and anything else that you consider necessary. It should also include the following:

  • A picture. A picture of you is preferred but if you may choose another picture as long as it is not copyrighted.
  • A link to an external website.
  • A link to a classmate's wiki
  • Wiki demo (similar to the one shown below)


Hello! Thank you for visiting my Wiki site. My name is Elizabeth Hoskins and I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a student enroll at Georgia Gwinnett College. I'm also a suffering eldest sibling out of four. While my major remains undecided I expressed interest in the field of digital media. My family owns three pets: one dog and two cats. My favorites hobbies are drawing, browsing the internet, and playing video games. In my spare time, I love solving Sudoku puzzles on my phone. ~♬

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Favorites Links

Video games that I currently need to finish

  • Borderlands 2
  • Why Am I dead at Sea
  • Rogue Legacy
  • Game Dev Tycoon


  • Jazz
    • Funk
    • Swing
    • Smooth
  • Electronica
  • Pop


  • Shark Tank
  • Animated
    • Gravity Falls
    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Steven Universe
    • RWBY
    • Sekko Boys
  • Time Taxi

Favorite type of desserts

  1. Cake
  2. Flan
  3. Macaron
  4. Cookie
    1. Sugar
    2. Peanutbutter
    3. Butterpecan
    4. Snicker-doodle
  5. Doughnuts

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Favorite Channels
Reviews Humor Music
Ashens GMM Tsuko G.
Linkara Begiragons Leslie Hall
Projared Mega64 Jonny Atma
Favorite Words
Spiffy Halcyon Chicanery
Melancholy Emerald Passionate
Chrysanthemum Majestic Sassy
Reading List
Type Titles
Webcomic Lackadaisy Cucumber Quest
Manga HiatusxHiatusHunterxHunter JoJolion
Fiction A Different kind of Truth Lurking Variable
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