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Yolanda's World

Masters in Augusta, Ga. from Wikipedia
Rise Up image from Wikipedia
Family vacation Legoland

Lego Store Legoman
my babies on easter 2015

Some facts about me

  • Married on December 15, 2015 ♡ ⚢
  • 2 children Jailyn 11 years old and Caidon 3 years old
  • Born April 9, 1983 ♈
  • I have one brother and one sister


Welcome! Thank you for visiting my Wiki site. My name is Yolanda Ramsey and I'm originally from Augusta, Georgia. I am an student at Georgia Gwinnett College and my major is criminal justice. My interest are spending time with my family, shopping, listening to pandora, visiting local attractions, and traveling. I enjoy watching reality shows, sports, movies, and criminal shows.

I love watching tv

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Favorites Links

My Interest

  • Sports
  • Local Attractions
  • Traveling
  • Shopping

Favorite Travel Spots Near Atlanta

  • Flordia
    • All beaches
    • Legoland
  • South Carolina
    • Hilton Head
    • Myrtle Beach
  • North Carolina
    • Charlotte
    • Carowinds

Favorite Local Places

  1. Movie Tavern
  2. Dave and Busters
  3. Malibu Grand Prix
  4. Tanger Outlet Mall
  5. Andretti Indoor racing
  6. Mexican resturants
  7. Hibachi resturants

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Tacos Polo Scared Straight
Fries Nike Fatal Attraction
Pizza Jordan First 48
5 year goals
buy a house
attain bachelor's degree get another career position
Wing Types Pizza Types
Honey BBQ Supreme
Lemon Pepper Pepporoni Lovers
Mild BBQ Chicken
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