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Elephant from Wikipedia
Lauren Smith image from Wikipedia
Las Vegas from Wikipedia
Cancun Ruins from Wikipedia

Great Wall of China from Wikipedia. The_Great_Wall_of_China_at_Jinshanling.jpg
Hong Kong from Wikipedia

You are to create a personal Wiki page based on this sample. You should include background information about yourself such as: name, nickname, hometown, major, family, friends, interests, hobbies and anything else that you consider necessary. It should also include the following:

  • A picture. A picture of you is preferred but if you may choose another picture as long as it is not copyrighted.
  • A link to an external website.
  • A link to a classmate's wiki
  • Wiki demo (similar to the one shown below)


welcome! Thank you for visiting my Wiki site. My name is Lauren Smith and I'm originally from Baltimore , Maryland. I have lived in Grayson, Georgia since i was 11. I am a student at Georgia Gwinnett College. This is my Junior year. I am majoring in Nursing. I live at home with my mother Kaa, and my farther Bernard. I am an only child. My favorites types of food are Italian, American, and Chinese. I love listening to music and spending time with my friends and family.

I love watching tennis

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Wiki demo

Favorites Links

Favorite Food

  • Italian
  • American
  • Chinese

Favorite foods (continued)

  • Italian
    • Spaghetti with meatballs
    • Pizza
    • Chicken Alfredo with broccoli
  • American
    • Seafood
    • Sandwiches
  • Chinese
    • Chicken with broccoli and white rice
    • Orange Chicken
    • General Tso chicken

Favorite Foods (continued)

  • Italian
  • American
    • Seafood
      • Crab legs and garlic butter
      • Steamed shrimp
    • Fish
    • Baked Oysters
  • Chinese

Places to visit

  1. Italy
  2. Dubai, Middle East
  3. Canada
  4. America
    1. Aspen, Colorado
    2. Fairbanks, Alaska
    3. Los Angeles, California
    4. Key West, Florida
  5. Cancun, Mexico

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