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ITEC2110 Karina's Wiki Page

Karina as a toddler
Me and my dad in San Francisco
Karina with two of her sisters

Hiking trip


Welcome to my Wiki site! My name is Karina Vasquez. I am originally from Los Angeles, California but have been living in Georgia since I was three years old.I live with my parents, three sisters, and two chihuahuas! I am sophomore at Georgia Gwinnett College. I am a pre-nursing major, hoping to one day serve others with my profession. I enjoy being active and working out as much as I can. I love listening to music and hanging out with friends.

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Favorites Links

Members of My Family

  • Mario (dad)
  • Amelia (mom)
  • Melany
  • Joanna
  • Kimberly
  • Toby (dog)
  • Rocco (dog)

Favorite Animals

  • Dogs
    • Australian Shepherd
    • Papillon
  • Birds
    • Lovebirds
  • Reptiles
    • Turtles

Places to visit

  • Arizona
    • Grand Canyon
  • New York
    • Empire State Building
    • Central Park
    • Statue of Liberty
  • Mexico
    • Coba
    • Cancun

Favorite Stores

  1. Clothing
    1. Zara
    2. J. Crew
    3. misguided
  2. Shoes
    1. Nike
    2. Adidas
  3. Workout Gear
    1. Lulu lemon
    2. Forever21
  4. Accessories
    1. Charming Charlies

Special Symbols

Even use special symbols such as:

  • Math symbols
  • Currencies
    • Euro €
    • Cent ¢
    • Yen ¥
    • Curren ¤


You can also insert complex mathematical equations such as

\sum_{n=0}^\infty \frac{(xy)^n}{m!}

American Hispanic Asian
Hot dogs guacamole Steamed veggies+rice
Bacon refried beans Thai shrimp+kale
Chik-fil-a Burritos Tofu
Semester Goals Straight A's apply to nursing school
Short term Graduate from nursing school Find a job
long term enjoy working Fitness junkie
Favorite Exercises
Body Part Exercise
Legs Squats Cable kick backs
Abdominal planks leg raises
Arms hammer curls pushups
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