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Ke'Ausha Warren's Wiki Page


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Welcome to my page! I hope you learn a lot about me!


Hello! I see you want to know more about me! Well my name is Ke'Ausha Warren but mostly everyone calls me Kee. I am from a small town called Monticello, Georgia where everyone knows everyone. I am a currently enrolled student at Georgia Gwinnett College majoring in psychology in hope of becoming a marriage/family therapist. I have an adorable two year old named Ayden. I call him my angel cause doctors told me that I could not have children, but God had other arrangements. He means the world to me. I am extremely close to my parents and my siblings. My older sister and brother treats me like the baby I am and spoils me all the time, even though sometimes I don't deserve it. My best friends are of course my big sister who's name is Guernica Dean, Cristen Jackson, Adrian Dean (my lovely boyfriend), Alysha Drummond, and Alexis Lowman. We do mostly everything together. My interest and hobbies are considered typical. I like anything sports related, shopping, and anything that makes me smile which most of the time is just hanging with family and friends.

Also check out my classmate's Wikipedia page [|Lauren Smith|]


Favorites Links

Favorite Foods List

  • Pastas
  • Pizzas
  • Sweets
  • Breads

Favorite Food Sublist

  • Pastas
    • Chicken Alfredo
    • Shrimp Alfredo
    • Tortellini Pasta
  • Pizzas
    • Triple Meat Pizza
    • Supreme Pizza
    • Spinach, Bacon, & Alfredo Pizza
  • Sweets
    • ice cream
    • snickers
    • brownies
  • Breads
    • garlic bread
    • bread sticks
    • cheesy bread

Favorite Animals List

  • Turtles
    • Eastern Box Turtle
    • Bog Turtle
    • Red-eared slider turtle
  • Monkeys
    • Finger Monkey
    • Maroon Leaf Monkey
    • Howler Monkey
  • Dogs
    • German Shepard
    • Pit bulls
    • Shih tzu

Favorite Artists & Songs

  1. J. Cole
    1. No Role Modelz
    2. Crooked Smile
    3. Nobody's Perfect
  2. Alicia Keys
    1. If I Ain't Got You
    2. No One
    3. My Boo
  3. Tink
    1. Treat ME Like Somebody
    2. Million
    3. Ratchet Commandments

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Even use special symbols such as:

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    • Queen ♕
    • Rook ♖
    • Bishop ♗
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    • Pawn ♙
    • King ♚
    • Queen ♛
  • Currencies
    • Euro €
    • Yen ¥


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Simple List of Everything
Foods Animals Artists
Pasta Turtles J.Cole
Pizza Monkeys Alicia Keys
Sweets Dogs Tink
Important Birthday's To Me
08 01 09
08 01 09
13 90 94
Complex List Of People I Love (no specific order)
Ayden Warren Antonio Warren Katrina Warren
Adrian Dean Guernica Dean De'Janerio Warren
Charlie Sands Cleia Sands (R.I.P) Ny, Kiya, Keila
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