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My parents on vacation at Florida Keys
My dog (Junior) when he was a puppy
Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

Hello my name is Tahj Webb. I am of mixed race of Jamaican and Domincan. My mom is from Jamaica and my dad is Domincan and Black. I sometimes go by the name "Tee". I am originally from New York City. I am a Marketing major in the School of Business at Georgia Gwinnett College. I own a purebreed Yorkshire Terrier named Junior. My interests/hobbies include; working out, playing basketball, watching television, cars, movies and enjoying time with my family. My favorite sports are tennis, football and baseball.

My classmate =) * My classmate Destinee Celey

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Favorite Foods

  • Jamaican
  • Spanish (Puerto Rico)
  • Asian
  • Cuban

Favorite Foods

  • Jamaican Food
    • Jerk Chicken
    • Oxtails
    • Curry Chicken
  • Spanish Food
    • Empandas
    • Pepper Steak
  • Seafood
    • Lobster
    • Crab
    • Shrimp
    • Crawfish
    • Scallops
    • Mollusk

Sports That Interest Me

  • Winter Sports
  • Summer Sports
    • Bobsledding
    • Skiing
    • Tennis
    • Soccer

Places I Would Like To Visit

  • Egypt
  • Dubai
  • Space
  • Italy
    • Rome
    • Venice
    • Florence
    • Naples
  • Morocco

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Favorite Movies/Shows
Action/Sports Comedy Italian Gangster Movies
Dark Knight Rises Martin Carlito's Way
Captain America: Winter Soldier Hangover Part 2 A Bronx Tale
Remember The Titans Superbad GoodFellas
Favorite Colorsl
there's a color we all know what it means GO!
roses are a woman's best friend
sunny days are the best!
Dream Cars
Make Model and Year
Rolls Royce Wraith 2016
Ferrari Berlinetta 2016
Aston Martin Rapide 2016

[[Image:Rearview_991_GT3.JPG|thumb| Rearview of Porsche 911 GT3

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