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Matthew Wortman


This is me!
My children
My favorite Billy Joel album (image from Wikipedia)
Winter is easily the best season
Jalapeno poppers I once made


Hello! Thank you for visiting my Wiki site. My name is Matthew Wortman, but everyone calls me Matt. I've lived in Georgia my entire life. Lawrenceville is my hometown, but over the new year I moved to Auburn with my mother and brother. I also have 2 sisters and 2 dogs named Obi and Molly. I am a junior at Georgia Gwinnett College. My major is Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management. My favorite sports are football, baseball and curling. I love eating, listening to music and hanging with family and friends. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and photoshop.

I love watching Curling during the Olympics

Some of my Favorites

Favorites Links

Favorite Places

  • My bed
  • Paris
  • Nature
  • The movie theater

Favorite Music

  • Indie/Alternative
    • Young the Giant
    • Walk the Moon
    • Sleeping at Last
    • Passenger
    • James Vincent McMorrow
  • Classic/70s Rock
    • Billy Joel
    • Bob Dylan
    • Dire Straits
    • Kansas
    • Journey
    • Many, many more
  • Piano Music/Instrumentals
    • Helen Jane Long
    • Paul Cardall

Favorite Movies

  • Flyboys
  • Unstoppable
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • The Terminal
  • Lilo and Stitch (don't judge!)

My Favorite Seasons (in order)

  1. Winter
  2. Fall
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

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Favorite foods
American Italian Mexican
Buffalo Wings Spaghetti Nachos
Hot Dogs Chicken Parmesan Pico de Gallo
Pizza Ravioli Carne Asada
Family Friends Education
Pets Respect Cooperation
Memories Nature Laughter
Cars I Want
Car Model Description
Koenigsegg 1 Black 2016
Saleen S7 White 2016
Corvette Stingray Blue 1973
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