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Basic Course Information

Meeting Time/Location:

Section 1: Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 pm - 1:50 pm
Building A Room 1770
Section 2: Thursday 6:00 pm - 9:40 pm
Building B Room 3200

Instructor: Dr. Jam Jenkins

Office: Building A. Room 1086

Phone: 678-407-5770 (office), 678-520-8643 (cell)


Prerequisites: ITEC2120: Introduction to Programming

Required Textbook: Big Java 3rd Edition

Detailed Course Information

Useful Links

Student Content & Organization of Resources

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  • Eclipse - Java IDE we use in class


Assignment 1 Due

File Listing Example

Tic Tac Toe

Recursion Method Problem

    * finds the position of the maximum element in the
    * array nums between the startIndex and endIndex inclusive.
    * Note: the following preconditions must be met:
    *      startIndex<=endIndex;
    *      0<=startIndex<=endIndex<=nums.length
    * Example: 
    *      nums is {5, 32, 1, 5, 3, 15, 7}
    *      startIndex is 2
    *      endIndex is 4
    *      the method should return 3 since position 3 has the
    *      element with the largest value between positions 2 and 4
    * You cannot use for, while, or do-while.  The only method you
    * can call is getMaxPosition.
    * @param nums the array of numbers
    * @param startIndex the first position to examine
    * @param endIndex the last position to examine
    * @return an integer between startIndex and endIndex inclusive
    * where the greatest element is found within this range
   public int getMaxPosition(int[] nums, int startIndex, int endIndex)
       //fill in here
    * sorts the array nums up to endIndex in place using 
    * the selection sort algorithm.  This sorts least to
    * greatest.
    * Note: the following precondition must be met:
    *      0<=endIndex<nums.length
    * You cannot use for, while, or do-while.  The only methods you
    * can call is getMaxPosition and selectionSort.
    * @param nums the numbers to sort
    * @param endIndex the last position in the section to be sorted
   public void selectionSort(int[] nums, int endIndex)

Example Server/Client


Example Excel Output

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