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Intermediate Programming

Course Information

  • Course Title: Intermediate Programming
  • Meeting Time / Location: 8:00-9:45am TR Building B 1100
  • Instructor: Dr. Bob Lutz
  • Textbook: Introduction to Java Programming by Y. Daniel Liang 10/e


Course Materials and Links

  • Course Communication
  • Course Items
  • Tutoring Info
  • Introduction to Java Programming 10/e Resources
    • Student Resource Website
      • Contains source code for examples in the book.
    • Companion Website
      • register with book's scratch-off code
      • Contains even-numbered solutions, source code for examples in the book, interactive self-testing, animations, errata, bonus chapters and VideoNotes.

Reviewing ITEC 2120 Skills

Many students have a slow start with this course as they try to recall the topics covered in ITEC 2120 -- Intro to Programming

Here's a list of resources that may help you review and ease the transition:

  • Chapters 1-9 in Liang's text (obviously)
  • MyProgrammingLab is an online coding environment that provides lots of feedback. The MPL problems for Chapters 1-9 are posted and you can approach in a self study fashion.
  • There’s always codingbat and another site called practiceit — if you’re familiar with those. Not as strong as MPL, in my opinion.
  • There are review/practice questions on Liang’s LiveLab site — these might be worth checking out.
  • For the Liang textbook, you can get go to the Companion Site and retrieve the solutions for all even-numbered, end of chapter problems. You might want to work some of those.
  • There’s an excellent text titled “Thinking in Java” by Bruce Eckel. Eckel offers the 3rd edition for free (electronic download). I’m not sure another text is really the best solution — but it’s an option.
  • Coupled with any of the above, situate yourself for a work session in the AEC or programming group lab (B-2450). That way, as you work through problems, experts will be nearby to get you unstuck quickly. I’ve seen students use this strategy very effectively.
  • The powerpoints for Chapters 1-9 have been posted in the course's OneDrive location
  • MPL (and the text's companion website) posts the videonotes for Chapters 1-9
  • Also, remember to post questions on Piazza, especially if you can’t get to the AEC or Programming Lab. Programming is a team sport and together we are stronger!

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