ITEC3870:Spring2015:Section 01

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Basic Course Information

Meeting Time/Location:

Monday,Wednesday 6:30pm-8:15pm (Section 1)
Building B Room 2200

Instructor: Dr. Tacksoo Im

Office: Building 3000. Room 3214A

Phone: 678-682-5653



ITEC3860: Software Development 1

Required Textbook: Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Other Required Textbooks:

Learn Ruby the Hard Way
Rails Tutorial


7 assignments in total


Detailed Course Information

  • Syllabus - complete course information
  • Calendar - TBA
  • Reading Schedule - Chapter 11 to Chapter 16 (Approximately two chapters per month)
  • Major Graded Events:
    • Test 1: TBA
    • Test 2: TBA
    • Final Exam: TBA

Useful Links

Semester Group Project (On-going)

  • GGC-Talkr - The unofficial website for the GGC Community (in Rails)
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