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Basic Information

Cover Title Author Required? Link
AndroidBootCampForDevelopersUsingJava2e.jpg Android Boot Camp for Developers Using Java Corinne Hoisington Yes, Student Data Files (login first)
ApacheCordovaAPICookbook.jpg Apache Cordova API Cookbook 1/e John Wargo TBD
ApacheCordova3Programming.jpg Apache Cordova API Cookbook 1/e (packaged w/Cookbook through bookstore, register and download at John Wargo TBD


Candidate Project Topics

The brainstorm list

  • EchoNest
  • Haptic Ring Tones
  • Measure wavelengths of gas emission lines in spectra lab
  • Reading app for user with Tourette's Syndrome
  • Audio NFC
  • NFC Attendance
  • Pearson Coding Contest
  • ArcGIS
  • Augmented Reality App
  • Data Visualization
  • Android App for Marvel Prototyping (Photos of Sketches)
  • JODA Time
  • Google Cardboard - build modify examples and present to Android Meetup
  • Build Inventory Management App using NFC TAGS, persist to online database
  • Visualize molecules created with pymol with Google Cardboard
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