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Main Course Links

Basic Course Information

Cover Title Author Required? Link
AndroidBootCampForDevelopersUsingJava3e.jpg Android Boot Camp for Developers Using Java 3rd Edition (on backorder in bookstore) Corinne Hoisington Yes, Student Data Files (once available)
ApacheCordova4Programming.png Apache Cordova 4 Programming 1/e John Wargo Yes
AndroidProgrammingTheBigNerdRanchGuide2e.jpg Android Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Phillips and Hardy No


Candidate Project Topics

Newer brainstorm list

  • SMS text, 3D sounds auto-selected but configurable
  • ePassport
  • local vet's office
  • multi-finger gesture
  • mobile-friendly rogue game
  • crossword 'solver'
  • building nav / GGC wayfinding
  • NFC
  • Aurasma
  • Livescribe
  • View Master / Cardboard
  • Android Auto
  • Course/program dependencies, scrape pre-reqs from banner
  • Units conversion app/game/study tool

An *old* brainstorm list

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