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A group of GGC students are participating in maintaining and updating CHEF website. This wiki page is for

  • Collaboration and recording keeping

and to

  • Recruit new group members to participate in the project



CHEF: Collins Hill Education Foundation is a non-profit organization. The mission of CHEF is to create a cohesive and collaborative effort between Collins Hill schools and community to expand and strengthen academic opportunities and to reaffirm our commitment to educational (academic) excellence. Some GGC students in information technology volunteered in maintaining and updating their website since Spring 2008.

Active Group Members

We are looking for new members to join us. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Xu (

Meetings and Updating Records

Spring 2011

  • Switched the webhost from HyTech to GoDaddy
  • Currently working on creating the pages

Fall 2010

  • Discussed changing hosts to JustHost.
  • Requirements of new website are:
  • capability to handle the online grant applications
  • database for grants and donors
  • Find an off-site backup solution.
  • Find new students to take over site maintenance in May
  • current promising/advanced sophomores and freshmen in the intro courses
  • self-motivated
  • resume builder, early experience
  • See if CHEF can resign with Hytek to get updated files off their servers for porting to new host
  • Begin testing new host to see if site is re-createable

Summer 10

  • (Done) Task: put the online application back on [Teresa]
  • (Pending) Task: include a Paypal link [David]

Winter 09-10

  • (Done) Task: logo with tri-fold brochure attached, can you suggest improvements for both?
  • (Done - Followup Required: CHEF) Task: Add Gloria Kolleda to the "up to $499" donor list - done via database [Scott]
  • (Done - Followup Required: CHEF) Task: eliminate any duplicate entries on our donor page, we have many - These duplicates are in the database, not the html. [Scott]
  • (Pending: CHEF) Follow up: Can CHEF provide us with the updated donors list spreadsheet? I was provided with the master list in the past but the data is stale. I have two concerns:
1) The database stores the actual donation amount and places donors in brackets based off of the donation amount. I used $200 for “Kolleda, Gloria” since I did not know the actual donation amount.
2) When I updated the donor list last year I didn’t remember seeing any duplicate entries. Did some of the supports donate a second time? If so then we need to update their donation amount. I preserved records with the highest donation amount and deleted the others. I believe this will affect the brackets for a few donors.
  • (Done) Task: 2006, 2007 and 2008 grant recipients attached for standardization on site, 2009 winners will be announced in a couple weeks
Files affected:
  • (Done) Follow up: Adding description to each grant recipients
  • (Done) Follow up: Add 2009 grant recipients (attached in email from Harry 1/21/2010)
Files affected:
New File is created:
  • (Done) Task: Our Hoedown date was 02-23-2008
  • (Done) Task: Can we add more pictures from the picture discs? Roughly 30 pictures for each event (if we have that many).
  • (Followup Required: CHEF) Task: Description of each event. [David]
  • (Pending: CHEF) Follow up: Do not have a description from CHEF
  • (Done) Task: Add 5 ways to help CHEF, as detailed in e-mail. - Added to home page.
  • (Followup Required: CHEF) Task: Add paypal donation link to the main page [Scott]
  • (Done) Follow up: We need an email address linked to CHEF's paypal account for a donation button. This would be the email address CHEF uses to login to paypal's web portal.
  • string.Format("{1}@{0}.net", "bellsouth", "gkallgren"); -- a little programming humor for bots
  • (Pending: CHEF) Follow up: I added the "Donate" button but the email address I was provided is not configured to receive funds. I believe they need to associate a bank account with their paypal account.
Files affected:

New Enhancement Requests (1/21/2010)

  • (Done) Add Steve Huys to the treasurer position and move Gina Kallgren to secretary. Photo for Steve attached, bio is below, make all bios consistent please in wording. [David]
  • Steve's Bio: 11 year resident of the Collins Hill Cluster. Married with two children, One at Creekland and one at Collins Hill.
  • Note: All bios should be consistent in wording
Files affected:
  • (Done) On the site info tab: The site is updated and maintained by an IT faulty (typo correct to faculty or professor please) and several IT students at Georgia Gwinnett College.
  • Add 2009 grant award winners (attached) and standardize each year's winner page. Change grants page for 2009 to reflect winners, applications are closed and awaded. (Teresa)
  • (Pending: Teresa) Teresa: This includes part of the original enhancement request plus new information. Can you merge the two items on this wiki page? -Scott
  • (Done) Individuals on the donors page should be sorted by name. Currently the page is ordered by record id. (Scott)
  • Note: This was not requested by CHEF.

Summer 2009

  • (Done) Task: Put a link to the donations page on the front page of the site. The goal is to push the $45 per child donation.
Files affected: ./frontice.php
Content affected:
Main Page – Added text: “We encourage parents to contribute $45 to the foundation for each child in the cluster. More information on donating can be found on our donations page.”
  • (Done) Task: Remove the “Store” page and associated links: /index.php?s=info&p=store
Files affected:
./menu1.php ./info/store.php -- Renamed -- ./info/store.php.removed
  • (Done) Task: Rename the “support” menu item to “donors”
Files affected:
  • (Done) Task:Change the support page categories to the following dollar ranges:
• Platinum: >=$2500
• Gold: $1000 - $2499
• Silver: $500 – $999
• Bronze: < $500
Files affected:
Updated mySQL database.
  • (Done) Task: Put two pictures on one line so you don't have to scroll down to see everyone. Add fundraising by Vice President title.
  • (Done) Calendar is empty, please remove this.
Photo gallery has been completed.
  • (Done) Task: Update the grants award page to include lists of the 2006 and 2008 award recipients.
Files affected:
./grants/grants.php – include two links to the pages containing the lists of the 2006 and 2008 award recipients
create two new files: ./grants/grant_awards08.php and ./grants/grant_awards06.php
  • (Done) Task: Update the deadline for grant application to September 29, 2009.
Files affected:

Fall 2009

  • Task: set-up a permanent PayPal link on the website
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