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Ideas from the Discussion on 4-6-2010

Big Themes

Focus on local impact of NAS Big Problems list (need a link please)

eg Transportation and/or Environment

Support was given for NAS list items as theme, but need something that we have some expertise with for research mentoring.

Other potential themes that could stand alone or fold into larger ones:

Research - Dave P. thinks showing a research environment for undergraduates will be key to any proposal, so need to show we have expertise to start students in research here. Others discussion suggested that we can also farm out some advanced students out to collaborators. Mentoring

Other supporting Ideas that could fold into big themes

Research Mentoring Peer Mentors/ambassadors: trained for people skills (listening) and tutoring Targeting specific GCPS schools with strong STEM programs but disadvantaged student populations

4 year program best for recruiting, but look into possible need for safety net for middle years when student may temporarily loose HOPE.

Summer programs

Before freshman fall: get students up to speed for fall, build cohort, common classes in first semester. Cost equivalent to min. wage 10 weeks ~$3200. 4 weeks cheaper.


Summer programs for upperclassmen: mini REU

Summary of earlier wiki comments

Peer mentoring/ambassadors paying forward by tutoring new scholars.[Mai Yin]

(should we make awards to upperclassmen in first year?)

[Clay's comments] Ambassador/mentoring role will also contribute to inter- and intra-cohort cohesion.

Also social events each semester plus social networking where students can write about their experiences, good and bad, and discuss ideas.

Students will have experiences/issues and problems that are the same regardless of discipline.

Include scientific problems of concern to our community

[Terri Edwards]

e.g. TRANSPORTATION is a major concern in Georgia.

Environmental Science could be a component.

Other "Big Problems" at the National Academies' web site.

Scholar students make and manage a collection of short STEM tutorial videos

(e.g. Quadratic Formula). [Jenny Sinclair]

Faculty mentor the making of the videos.

Students make, watch and edit videos --- learning content, working on communication skills and using technology.

Marketable skills for after graduation.

Excel graphs [Clay]

Summer Cohort

(Scott Thompson)

Combine academics and social activities in summer.

Math, IT, and English preparation for 20 students,who will share a common Fall schedule (Pre-calc, English 1101, Chem 1211, and a history or political science).

Required courses for all STEM Majors Need to test into common English, MATH and ITEC 1101

After first semester, schedules may differ, but the group dynamic would remain.

Social activities to build group bonds between the students and involved faculty.

Mutual assistance culture encouraged where good math student helps with math then gets help from others when writing an English essay.

Ran a similar program in the Navy Also included topics on study skills, test taking, how to read and learn from science and math texts Program shown to improve overall retention in the pipeline. Some topics might show up in GGC 1000

Maybe a research component like the environmental theme GGC 1000 could also be used for faculty to present research ideas for students to select for next semester

Summer classes and activities costs may justify need for extra funding for students beyond Hope Scholarship. [Jenny Sinclair]

Summer programs prior to starting college called "Bridge programs"; there are lots of successful models that we could build on. (Candace) Most start with skills building to jumpstart STEM success.

GGC Green Team Scholars" based on Diane's environmental theme.

(Alvina Atkinson) Link theme to environmental service learning component (Gwinnett Great Days of Service)

Scholars choose a project from a list focused on each discipline) each semester (or year) with an environmental theme. Showcase projects of scholars at Twitter.

Also use cell phone delivery

[Marty Thomas] Environmental theme offers a chance for interdisciplinary study (biology, environmental science, mathematics and information technology).

Students have laptops and video equipment to collect data in the field,conduct statistical analysis

Videos posted to Facebook, Twitter or Wiki

applying ideas to solving real problems.

(Candace) another suggestion for theme is Water: reaches environment idea but is a big problem looming in Georgia recently...more targeted than a general environmental theme but has plenty of service opportunities, and applications to other fields..

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