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About Me

Hi, my name is David Ildefonso and I am currently 20. I graduated from Susan E. Wagner high school in Staten Island, NY and moved to Georgia when I was 18. I currently live in Buford with my family. I live with my mom, younger brother and sister, and my step dad. I am a quiet guy at first but once I open up to a person I can be very loud and funny. I have two dogs at home as well as two turtles that I have had for years, they are my water puppies. I spend my time now going to school and am currently looking to find a job in the exercise field of study so I can learn more about the field and have a better opportunity at work once I graduate. I am currently in a relationship with my beautiful girlfriend of over 3 years, Nikita-Mae Williams (she's very interested in my wiki page).


I currently am a student at Georgia Gwinnett College majoring in exercise science. I chose this major after switching my mind a couple of times because it sparked my interest after seeing how it can improve my overall health and wellness and I want to better myself as well as others. My goal at the end of my study is to become a personal trainer and nutritionist. After seeing all the benefits exercise can give to a person I chose to want to fulfill that for myself and others who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle. My plan for the future aside from being a personal trainer would be to branch into areas such as youtube and make videos there as well as a workout program and maybe open up a line of my own merchandise for people who want to support me and wear some gym apparel.

exercise science


I enjoy to spend my free time playing video games with my best friends from New York since we are separated by distance but we're still able to hang out and talk everyday online. I also enjoy going out to the movies and watching whatever looks entertaining in the theater. Aside from joking with my friends while playing games, I also have a very competitive nature while playing and hope to earn some money from playing by playing in online tournaments.


  1. gaming
  2. gym
  3. movies
PS4 gaming

Travel Page

I would love to visit London. Click here to visit the page

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