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I have a couple favorite dishes both of which are Mexican. Living in a Mexican household, I grew up around Hispanic recipes. They were all rich in flavor and carried with them the culture and stories my family left behind when they came to the United States. With these particular dishes I can recall my mother making them for my siblings and I. The posole for example is a staple dish made in the winter. I prefer my foods to be spicy and the chile found in the soup opens up my senses that were clogged from the harsh winter air. The Ohio winters were rough and with the falling snow in the background I was warmed right up with a bowl of posole.

  • Posole


Instructions for the perfect posole:

  1. In a bowl of boiling water you will want to put some ancho chiles and chiles de arbol.
  2. Then, of course, you will have to make the chicken

  • Sopes


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