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🌎Around the World 🌎

When I was still in High School my dream was to backpack across Europe. As I have gotten older and reality has set in I have realized that before my wants I must take care of my needs. So as of now I am holding off on my dream of backpacking. I'm a bit of a planner so down below you'll see just a glimpse into what my backpacking trip would entail. A day in each location seems way too short to thoroughly enjoy it, so instead I would try to spend roughly a week in each place. In a dream scenario with a flow of cash and time I would spend three months in Europe in the ultimate backpack adventure.

Exploring Europe for Dummies
Time Locations Activities
Week 1 Greece History & Islands
Week 2 Italy Food & Adventure
Week 3 Switzerland Snowy Slopes & Chocolate
Week 4 Germany History
Week 5 Belgium Chocolate & Waffles
Week 6 England Museums & The Queen
Week 7 France Paris & Fashion
Week 8 Spain Sun & Surf
Week 9 Portugal Beaches & Final Goodbyes

Isa(Greece).jpg Venice.jpg Verbier-switzerland-shutterstock.jpg German-Culture-and-Traditions-696x464.jpg

Think-UK-England-London-533462679-TomasSereda-copy.jpgFranceaesthetic.jpg Country-spain-barcelona-1.jpg Travel-Algarve-Portugal-779488.jpg

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