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Joshua Grissett

FA18-ITEC1001-87 Joshua Grissett is a student who is currently attending GGC.


Joshua is said to be a Guyanese American chilling. It can be said that he can be anywhere.It is rumored that he loves curry and roti. Curry goat is also a execellent food choice for anyone. He also has a upcoming mixtape as we speak. He recommands hitting up his soundcloud at IcyTing. The album is on hiatus, but it is fire and should be worth the wait. He also is pretty good at board games such as chess and any game. He plays to win and that can sum it up.





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My Multi-Language

English-Joshua Grissett

Hexadecimal-4a 4f 53 48 55 41 20 47 52 49 53 53 45 54 54

Binary-01001010 01001111 01010011 01001000 01010101 01000001 00100000 01000111 01010010 01001001 01010011 01010011 01000101 01010100 01010100

Article of Z-Man Technology

This is a brand new technology for fighters to be able to climb vertical walls. It may not sound like much, however it is a domino effect of a change. It would free up the need to use equipment such as ladders and ropes that tend to hinder missions when going up urban buildings. This can even be used in civilian situations to repair roofs and other high scaling buildings.

Ethics of ITEC

Ethics of ITEC

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