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About me

Hi, my name is Caterine Jaimes. I am from Houston, Texas but raised in Winder, Georgia. I have two dogs a pit-bull and chihuahua that I love very much. I am bilingual, English and Spanish, but I also want to learn French. I have loving parents and a younger brother. I like to say that they are the reason I decided to keep studying once I graduated high school.

My family and I love Mexican wrestlers. My brother and I grew up admiring them for what they do. Here we have my moms wrestler friend names El elemento

My parents for as long as I can remember always like lucha libre. It is mexican wrestling. They taught my brother and I about this history of each wrestler we could think of. I got to meet many of them when they come to Atlanta. Recently I got to meet a wrestler that I would only see through youtube videos , ( because he would only stay in Mexico).

Last year I got to meet La Parka. I had grew up watching his fights on Tv and in movies.

🔮Major/future plans🔮

My major is criminology/criminal justice. With that diploma, I would like to be a criminologist. A criminologist job is to analyze any data in a crime scene to determine why a crime was committed. With that information try to prevent future criminal behavior. This all happened because of one show called Criminal Minds. Now I know that it is not the same as Tv and real life but it is something that caught my attention from the beginning.



  • Unsolved cases📁
  • photography📸
  • Watching movies🍿
  • Anything from the 70's,80's,90's,and early 2000's
  • Grease, The Heathers, Clueless and Mean girls

    ✈️Travel Page✈️

    A place that I have always wanted to go to was Europe Future Europe Page

    🌯Favorite Dish🌯

    Burritos are my favorite dish. Any type of burrito but a lengua is my top favorite. It has been for the longest time. Faviorite type of burrito


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