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I appreciate greenshirt

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School Path: History Major

Attending GGC, transfering to UGA


  • Music
    • Books
      • Outdoors
        • Art
          • Phil Collins


  • Contrast Ratio - a measure of the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkes black colors that a monitor can produce. If the contrast is too low, colors tend to fade when the brightness is adjusted to a high or low setting
  • CPU - central processing unit: the key component of a computer system, which contains the circuitry necessary to interpret and execute program instructions.
  • CRT - a computer terminal or monitor that includes a cathode ray tube.
  • Data - individual facts, statistics, or items of information
  • Drive bay - A special shelf inside computers made to hold storage devices
  • DVD - Digital video disk
  • DVI - Digital Visual Interface: a standard for converting an analogue display into digital format
  • Ergonomics - how a person sets up there computer to prevent injury or discomfort.
  • Ethernet caple - slightly bigger than a phone jack, it connects for dsl or cable modem.
  • Firewire port - Some of the fastest ports out there.
  • Flash drive - USB drive a pocket-sized portable computer hard drive and data storage device
  • Gigabyte - About a billion bytes
  • Gigahertz - a billion hertz
  • Hard Drive - A disk drive that contains a hard disc
  • Hardware - any part of a computer you can physically touch.
  • Hibernate - Saved current system and current state to the hardrive.
  • Impact Printer - A printer with tiny keys that hammer in letters.
  • Information - Data that has been organized and presented in a meaningful fashion.
  • Inkjet Printer- a computer that sprays ink instead of hammering it in.
  • Input device - A device that is used to enter or input data into a computer.
  • Keyboard - A hardware device used to enter data and commands into a computer.
  • Kilobyte - 1 thousand bytes
  • Laser Printer - on impact quick and quiet
  • LCD - Liquid crystal display
  • Megabyte- 1 million bytes
  • Megahertz - 1 million hertz
  • Microphone - A device that is used to capture soundwaves
  • Modem port- Traditional telephone signal port to connect to the internet
  • Monitor - A output display device
  • Mouse- A hardware device used to enter in commands and user responses
  • Network interface card - an expansion card that allows a computer to connect to another computer to accomplish high speed internet.
  • Non impact printer - A printer that sprays ink or uses lasers instead of hammers.
  • Nonvolitile storage - Permenant storage ROM

James Reynolds and James Shaw Chapter 1


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