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Jason Pasley

The Story of Me

First off; the obvious one, the introduction - my name is Jason Pasley

second- I was born in Cincinatti, Ohio but I spent most of my life in Athens, GA.

third - I am a history and business major, eventually I also plan to get a major in music but I am currently unsure of where to go for that.

I am a sophomore at GGC

fourth - my father's a GGC professor.

I am currently deciding whether I should leave GGC at some point and attend UGA, but lately I have determined that the cons would outweigh the pros and so I will likely stay on until the end.


I used to attend Cedar Shoals High School in Athens, GA

I enjoyed this experience and learned a lot.

Despite, this experience I had many friends, and I especially knew more people in chorus and in cross country or track and field. Though I rarely if ever stay in touch with those people even after all these years.


I have a wide array of interests, but for the sake of this assignment the majority of my interests lie solely with music and running, not too into sports unfortunately.


the type of music I listen to I would say would be more of the intensified, acoustic, or electrified rock, blues, soul, with a tad bit of country.

Despite my likes in music, I will generally accept any genre no matter the style, though I will say that I am not too fond of mainstream popular music.


I have been to many concerts, and any time I get word of a new one playing I will always go out and buy tickets

Black Crowes, Tedeschi Trucks, London Souls poster.jpg

File:Blackberry Smoke.jpg

Notable venues -

GeorgiaTheatre VerizonWireless Tabernacle BuckheadTheatre EddiesAttic


I play both acoustic and electric guitar

all three of my guitars are Fender Stratocasters, the same kind of instruments, that Hendrix or Clapton uses.

File:Fender Strat.jpg

Track and Field/Cross Country

in addition to my love of music I also love running

I run 3-10 miles a day.

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