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The Betamax vs. VHS Format War

  • Competition-



  • Frame rate- 29.97 frames/s but it draws the same line twice
  • Resolution- Horizontal resolution: Approx 250 lines / Vertical resolution: lines for NTSC, lines in PAL link source
  • Market share- market share source
  • Cost- November 1975 the list price was $2295.source
  • compression-
  • Color Format-
  • Competition- VHS

Betamax is a videocassette tape recording format produced by Sony in 1975.

Frame Rate

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23.976 fps NTSC or 25fps for PAL.


for Betamax was 260 lines vs. 250 for VHS


with Betamax was VHS.

Market Share

30 % in 1980 Betamax Legacy

Cost Player/Media

November 1975 the price was $2295 Betamax Initial price

Similarities to VHS

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same size/shape tape
same oxide tape technology
record linear audio in same location as video


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Betacam vs. Betamax tapes--not electronically interchangeable--different playback speeds/recording speeds
too many multiple parts for different uses--Betascan, Betamax, Beta
Short recording time-initially 60 minutes available to record on whereas VHS had 3 Hours, and then later on 6 Hours.


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HiFi availability upgrade
Used in broadcast television

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