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My name is Ji Hee Han.

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DARPA Project

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory(LLNL) had granted by DARPA because they enhance the neural device with the capability to indicate neurons within the brain to help strengthen memory. University of California, Los Angeles and Medtronic mentioned the target of LLNL is growth a device, that record and simulation of real time neural tissues to bridge gaps in the harmed grain and development of individual’s memories. The neuromodulation system was founded from the Neural Technology group. It is complex but delicate electronics system to change neurons. The system will help to understand individual’s memories how to formed. The center of LLNL mentioned “There is no effective treatment for memory loss resulting from conditions like TBI.” However, LLNL will strengthen a miniature because it can help the neural device that will incorporate neural into a closed-loop system. An external system will strengthen digital information including memory reservation and offer power telemetry to keep package using a custom RF coil system.

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