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GGC Student Born in Chester, PA Los Angeles Lakers Fan

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Norberto Marcelo


Barnes Marcelo Wiki test

Jordan Barnes


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CHIKV Challenge The CHIKV Challenge was created in order to limit the spread of the chikungunya virus. The chikungunya, spread by mosquitoes, is not usually fatal but can cause debilitating joint and muscle pain, fever, nausea, fatigue, and rash, and poses a growing public health and national security risk. The goal of the challenge was to predict when and where the cases of the virus occurs, because that information would help the government take progressive measures in order to prevent the spread of the chikungunya virus. thirty-eight teams competed in order to see who would win the honors of developing the most accurate predictions of CHIKV cases. There were eleven winners who all recieved five hundred thousand dollars in prize money.

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