Karmorreya Brown: Ichneumonidae

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IMG 3978.jpg

Specimen #: 3A


Family: Ichneumonidae

Date of Collection: August 2018

Location: George Pierce Park Upstream

Location: 34°03'41.0"N 84°02'45.2"W

Location H`: 2.78

Species Abundance: 3

Distinguish Morphological Features: - Slender, wasplike

-Two recurrent veins

-2nd submarginal cell small or lacking

-The base of cubital vein lacking

- 1st submarginal and 1st discoidal cells fused

-Resulting vein structure

Ecological and Economic / Public Importance:

- Parasitic

-Control insect population

https://bugguide.net/node/view/150 O. W. Richards, 1926. Studies on the ecology of English heaths III. Animal communities of the felling and burn successions at Oxshott Heath, Surrey. J. Ecol. 14:244-281, from pp. 263-64.

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