Kaylyn Flores: Homoptera 2

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Homoptera 2


Family: Cicadellidae

Location of collection: 33°58'50 N, 84°00'20 W

Date of collection: 09/05-07/2017

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H' = 3.85327

Collectors: Kaylyn Flores, Rhea Bowen-Smith, Raydastepha Dimanche, Amy Figueroa

Distinguishing morphological features of Family:

▪ Mouth: Beak usually short and rising at back of head, sometimes appearing to rise between front coxae

▪ Wing: Winged with 4 wings (rarely only 2), front wing membranous or thickened, hind wings membranous and a little shorter. Wings at rest usually held roofline over body

▪ Antennae: Variable, sometimes short and bristle like, sometimes long and threadlike, rarely absent

▪ Tarsi: 1-3 segmented.

Habits: Plant feeders, each species usually feeds on a particular part of few species of plants. The feeding results in discoloration, distortion, wilting, or stunting of the plant. Heavily infested plants are sometimes killed.

Number of species:

▪ World: 32,000

▪ North America: 6,500

Importance: Are serious pests of cultivated plants, causing damage by feeding and sometimes by serving as vectors of plant diseases. Have a clear, watery fluid discharge that other insects are attracted to.

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