Kendra Wilkerson: Odonata

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  • Order: Odonata

Location of collection

  • 33.978441 N, 84.006117 W

Date of collection

  • 09/05/2017-09/07/2017

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity

  • H' = 3.8953


  • Kendra Wilkerson
  • Angie Nguyen
  • Arika Jones

Distinguishing Morphological Features of Order

  • Wings: 2 pairs; elongate, membranous, multi-veined
  • Antennae: Very short, inconspicuous
  • Mouth: Chewing mouthparts
  • Tarsi: 3-segmented

Ecological Importance

  • All stages are predaceous; feed on mosquitoes, midges, and other small insects

Economic Importance

  • Keep small insects under control
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