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Kevin's Favorite foods


  • Cheeseburgers are my number one favorite food and it is also the favorite food of the average american. I have never met anyone who does not like a good burger and if anyone one is feeling down It is the perfect comfort food. I would recommend Five Guys Burgers and Fries as it is my favorite restaurant to get burgers from, however I would only recommend eating one only every once and a while as they are very greasy and can be bad for you if you eat much. However Burgers being such a popular food around the whole world there are many different restaurants and establishments that sell good Burgers and everyone has there own personal favorites and everyone has their personal opinion on there favorite burger.

Thumb Middle Fiveguys2.jpeg

How to make a Cheeseburger

1. Salt and season the meat to your liking before grilling it

2. Put the patty and the grill and flip every 4 minutes till meat is brown and firm to your liking

3. Put slices of cheese on patty while it is still warm

4. Put patty on bun and add your favorite toppings


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