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Location of collection:

  • (33°58′56.16′′ N, 84°00′21.33′′ W)

(site 4)

Date of collection:

  • 09/07/2017

Collection Method:

  • Malaise trap

Rank Abundance:

  • 1


  • Diptera


  • Dolichopodidae

Common Name:

  • long-legged fly


  • 3.66953794

Distinguishing morphological features of Family:

  • Most long-legged flies have long, slender, legs with bristles.
  • Can be from 1-9mm in size.
  • Most will have long legs, but is not necessarily true for all long-legged flies.
  • Most have green to blue cast, but can be yellow, brown, or black in color as well.

Ecological and Economic/ Public Health Importance

  • Pest control for gardens, crops, and even forests.
  • Can be used to note ecological change due to abundance.
  • Indirectly a pollinator as it may feed of nectar from flowers.
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