Kimberly Stanley - Collembola

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Collembola Specimen

Specimen #: 1

Order: Collembola

Family: Springtail

Collectors: Cole H, Nandy B, Emma L, & Kimberly S

Date of Collection: August 23, 2018

Location: Environmental Heritage Center - Upstream (34º03'35.2 N. 84º00'08.8 W)

Species Abundance: 8

Rank Abundance: 4

Shannon-Wiener H' Value: 3.325647567

Distinguishing Morphological Features:

- 3-6 segmented thorax, each with its own jointed legs

- Head with antenna 4-6 segments

- Forked like tail (furcula) used for jumping

- 1-6mm in length

Ecological and Economic / Public Importance:

- They are decomposers.

- They breakdown and recycle waste.

- Found mostly in the soil around roots, protecting the plant roots from fungi and bacteria.

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