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  • I'm Krista Wynne!
  • I love to Crochet!
  • I recently had a beautiful baby boy named Max!
  • I am engaged to marry a wonderful man!

Favorite sites

Professor Link

YOU HAVE THE CUTEST BABY EVER - next to my munchkin of course LOL!!! (by Kamisha) Baby messiah.jpg

Internet Vs. Web

The internet and the web are completely different things.

I. Internet

  A. Created in 1969
  B. Created by a government funded project called ARPANET
  C. Created to establish a secure form of military communication
  D. Created to allow all computers to communicate

II. Web

  A. Created in 1989
  B. Created by Tim Berners-Lee
  C. Created the first Web Browser
  D. Created so that other researchers could access his research

Awww this is too cute - Estella Ncho (Afro-hair)


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