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Krystle C. Irving was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Born august 11, 1988 the oldest of five siblings, who she adore's more then anything in this world. She a Special Education major, who will probably change her major once again to English. But at least it still in the education field.


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My Classmate Eliane Kim

English: My name is Krystle Irving

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For over hundred of years military, government and commercial satellites reside in the GEO "Geosynchronous Earth Orbit" which is about 22000 miles of Earth. In a DARPA article titled Program Aims to Facilitates Robotic Service of Geosynchronous Satellites researcher discuss the RSGA programs that's being developed to help the public and private solicitation programs that will aid and inspect/diagnosis of the malfunctioning components. Even the fully function satellites sometimes carry obsolete due to the payload. Making matter worst for owner who seek assets worth hundreds od million dollars. Satellites destined for GEO today are loaded with back up systems with plenty of fuel with complexity the weigh and cost. DARPA Robotic servicing of Geosynchronous satellites RSGS programs has intended to answer all questions by developing technologies that would enable cooperative inspection and serve in GEO. "The ability to safety and cooperatively services satellites in GEO would vastly expand public and private opportunities in space".

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