Lillian Karroum: Hymenoptera

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Order: Hymenoptera

Location of collection: Environmental Heritage Center Upstream

Morphospecies ID: Hymenoptera Species 5

Date of collection: August 27, 2018 - August 29, 2018

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H' = 3.898

Collectors: Lillian Karroum, Shelby Heller, Matt Tatz, and Juan Garcia

Taxonomic Information:

▪ Body: vary in size, have three thoracic segments, and usually nine or 10 abdominal segments. Some have 6 or 8 abdominal prolegs.

▪ Mouthparts: adapted for chewing with a well-developed mandible

• Eyes: compound eyes

• Wings: usually have 2 pairs of wings, their hind wings have many hooked bristles

Ecological importance and economic importance: Some are important pollinators for flowering plants and some are parasitoids that lay their eggs in the host and would then eat the host.

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