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Lynda Kouacou was born on August 28 1993 in Ivory Coast. She has only one sibling, her brother Gilles Lois. Her mother is a doctor and her father was an economy professor. She travelled from her country to the United States to study Wellness promotion. When she will obtain her bachelor degree, she will start a master program in public health and will go back home when she will graduate. Her first language is French. She likes sports and music.


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My classmate Eliane Kim

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  1. Acceptable use policy (AUP)

A document containing an organization's policies for the ethical, secure, and appropriate use of computing resources.

  1. Anonymity software

Software that helps mask your IP address from websites.

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Involves the development of intelligent systems or machines that possess capabilities such as learning, problem solving, and communication

  1. Automation

The use of computers or machines to perform the work that was once done by a human.

  1. Biotechnology

An application of biology that uses living organisms to manufacture new products or improve existing one.

  1. Computer support specialist

An individual who is responsible for installing, configuring, and supporting computer systems.

  1. Copyright

a legal concept that grants rights and control to the owner of any published work

  1. Creative Commons

A license that allows an author to set conditions for the free use and distribution of their work.

  1. Cyberbullying

An online form of aggression that involves repeated hostile behavior with intent to harm another individual.

  1. Database administrator (DBA)

An individual who is responsible for configuring, maintaining, and securing an organization's database.

  1. Digital divide

The technology gap that exists between different social and economic classes

  1. Digital footprints

A trail of your data, activity, and the locations where devices are used.

  1. Digital rights management (DRM)

Technologies used to protect copyrighted material.

  1. Do not track

A browser feature that attempts to stop websites from automatically sharing details about your visit with other companies.

  1. Empathy

The ability to recognize, understand, and share the feelings of others

  1. Ethics

The philosophical study of morality

  1. Fair use

An exception to copyright law that provides for a limited set of circumstances where others can use copyrighted material without first obtaining permission.

  1. Fair use

An exception to copyright law that provides for a limited set of circumstances where others can use copyrighted material without first obtaining permission.

  1. Flaming

Online social interactions that exhibit anger and/or insults.

  1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A list of common questions and their responses on a website.

  1. Graphic design

The art or skill of editing photos and designing layouts.

  1. Green computing

The principle of reducing the environmental impact of computers.

  1. Help desk

A department at a company that can repair and troubleshoot systems, as well as provide technical support to employees.

  1. Hibernate

A computer state that saves electricity by copying the contents of RAM to your hard drive.

  1. Humanoid robot

A robot that is created to imitate the appearance or capabilities of humans.

  1. Information systems manager

A person responsible for managing a diverse team of IT professionals that include programmers, network administrators, and many others.

  1. Intellectual property

Products of the mind such as ideas, designs, and expressions of creativity that may not have any physical form.

  1. Nanotechnology

The creation or manipulation of matter at the smallest possible scale.

  1. Netiquette

The set of online behaviors that are considered polite and proper.

  1. Network administrator

A person responsible for configuring and maintaining networks and communication systems.

  1. Offshoring

A company's outsourcing of certain business functions to another country

  1. Outsourcing

An organization's transfer of some aspect of its business to a third party.

  1. Paperless

The use of technology by companies and individuals to lower their consumption and reliance on paper.

  1. Piracy

Acquiring or exchanging copies of protected digital creations without payment to or permission from their creator.

  1. Power management

The ability to place computers and devices in low-power states when they are not being used.

  1. Privacy policy

A website's written statement that clearly states what information is collected from users and what is done with that information.

  1. Private browsing

A feature of all modern browsers that will delete your history, cache, and cookies the moment you close the private window

  1. Public domain

A term that refers to creative works whose copyright has expired or never existed in the first place. These works can be freely used without permission

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

The process of improving the ranking of a website when users enter relevant keywords in a search engine.

  1. Sleep

A computer state that uses only enough electricity to keep the contents of your RAM active.

  1. Social media strategist

An expert in sales and marketing who uses the web and various social media tools.

  1. Software engineer

A person responsible for the development of computer software.

  1. Systems analyst

A person who specializes in developing plans and recommendations that meet the software and system needs of an organization.

  1. Telecommuting

The process of working for a company without being physically present at the company's office.

  1. Thread

In a forum, a topic that contains related posts.

  1. Trolling

A type of social interaction where a user acts in an annoying and antagonistic manner.

  1. Turing test

A test for artificial intelligence that measures a system's ability to hold a human-like conversation.

  1. Web developer

A person who creates and maintains websites for organizations.

  1. Whistleblowing

The act of alerting the public about harmful activities that are being hidden by an organization.

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