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I love anything surgery related. I am currently a surgical technologist and I am continuing my education so that I can have more of a hands on approach to patient care. Surg tech2.jpg [| my favorite site google] Trini Chan

My name is Malissa fix

My binary name is:

Malissa: 01001101 01100001 01101100 01101001 01110011 01110011 01100001

Fix: 01000110 01101001 01111000

Darpa Project: Electrical Prescriptions

This project is aimed at fixing the neurological issues faced with some acute and chronic diseases. Instead of taking prescription medications to respond or reroute neurological impulses to organ functions in negative way, these electrical prescriptions will replace the need for medication and fix the problem directly. A example of of this would be a diabetic taking insulin and other medications to help maintain a healthy sugar level produced from the pancreas. Instead of lowering your sugar level with insulin the electrical prescription device would replace that and stimulate the nerve(s) to help your body maintain proper sugar levels in the pancreas without the use of medication. This electrical device would be tiny enough to be the size of a small nerve branch and it could be used for anything that the nervous system controls including organs. Electrical Prescriptions will be real time bisensors and can control nerve impulses automatically and continuously.

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