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- Class :Insecta

- Order: Hymenoptera

- Date Of Collection: September 16, 2017

Location of collection: :Latitude: 33 degrees 58' 41.90"N, Longitude; 84 degree 1' 9.13"W

Collection Method: Malaise trap

- Shannon-Weiner Biodiversity Index: H' = 2.5922

--Distinguishing Morphological Features

- Body often wasp-like. - Antennae are usually fairly long >10 segments. - Tarsi is segmented into five parts. - Mouthparts are well developed however, in some groups the lower lip has been modified to form a tongue.

Ecological Importance:

More than 115,000 species have been described, including ants, bees, chalcids, sawflies, wasps and many more .Hymenoptera are extremely important to the enviroment, in multiple ways. Either as natural enemies of insect pests (parasitic wasps) or as pollinators of flowering plants.

Economic/agricultural/human health importance:

The Hymenoptera are most important to humans as pollinators of wild and cultivated flowering plants, as parasites of destructive insects, and as makers of honey.

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