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Marq is a junior at GGC with a strong passion for music. Currently, he is a local/regional DJ/producer working his way to the top of the music industry.

Electrical Prescriptions goal is to shorten the time it takes for treatment for military personnel with various medical issues. ElectRx looks to provide alternatives to medicine that are not pharmaceutical.

The nervous system is a big part in your health. Networks of nerves monitor your health status and send responses to parts of the body when necessary. Some health issues can interrupt the healing process and cause responses such as pain, diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis, but ElectRx would aid the body in it ability to heal itself.

Electrical Prescriptions is developing technologies to that seeks to further the knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy and physiology of neural circuits and their roll in health and diseases.

Since development and positive concept studies, ElectRx has begun to enter clinical studies. If successful, the new device would decrease dependence on traditional pharmaceutical drugs.

Marq, TreMya, Zeb, Angelo

Marq, TreMya

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