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Family: Curculionidae

Location of collection: EHC Upstream

Date of collection: August 27, 2018 Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H' = 3.898082593

Morphospecies ID: Coleoptera 2

Rank abundance: 2

Collectors: Matthew Tatz, Shelby Heller, Lillian Karroum, Juan Garcia

Distinguishing morphological features of Family:

▪ Body: Black or Gray. 1.0 - 4.5 mm. Somewhat pear-shaped. Tronchanters elongate.

▪ Head: Snout usually well developed. Palps small and rigid, often concealed within mouth. Labrum absent.

▪ Antennae: Clubbed and nearly always elbowed.

▪ Tarsi: 4

Ecological importance: One of the largest families of insects (over 2500 N. American species), practically all plant feeders.

Economic importance: Large numbers are serious pests of cultivated plants. Many snout beetles chew holes in fruits, nuts, and other parts of the plant.

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