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Order: Hemiptera (true bugs)

Location of collection: EHC Upstream

Date of collection: August 27, 2018

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H' = 3.898082593

Morphospecies ID: Hemiptera 1

Collectors: Matthew Tatz, Shelby Heller, Lillian Karroum, Juan Garcia

Distinguishing morphological features of Order:

▪ Body: Scutellum usually consicuous and triangular, overlapping membranous area of front wings often form a characteristic "X" pattern on back.

▪ Head: Mouthparts sucking, formed into a beak, usually several segmented arising from front of head and resting along ventral midline.

       Wings FW (hemelytra) usually divided into basal, thickened area and apical, membranous area. Usually held flat over back and overlapping.

▪ Antennae: Often long but with 5 or fewer segments. Sometimes short and concealed in head.

▪ Tarsi: 3 segmented or less

Ecological importance: 80,000 species in 37 families. Most diverse in warm, heavily vegetated environments.

Economic importance: Terrestrial species often important agricultural pests, pest controlling predators, or vectors of disease.

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