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My name is Matthew Mansapit I was born on October 24th, 1995 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. My Parents are Paula and Ray Mansapit and I also have a sister who is named Allison. Also i have two pets, I have a rabbit and a dog! I've grown up here my whole life and I go to Georgia Gwinnett College.


My interest are mostly sports! I grew up loving football and basektball, but in the long run figured out that I liked basketball more. I played all through high school and it taught me the value of team work and how hard you have to work to get what you want. My two favorite schools are Kentucky and the University Of California because my mom grew up in Kentucky and half of my family went there and my dads side of the family lived here but went to USC. My other interest is to be a sports journalist and make it big time and work for ESPN or another big company such as Fox Sports or TNT Sports. ESPN

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