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About Me

My name is Seth Mckee. I was born on September 8th 1999 in Gwinnett Georgia.I live in Winder, and graduated from winder barrow high school. I played soccer all my life, I played for a club and I also played for my high school. I enjoy playing the drums and many other instruments.


I currently go to GGC. I would like to major in Architecture. Seeing different types of buildings and figuring out how they were made has always taken my interest. I would like to transfer to SCAD to finish my architecture major.


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My Family

I have three sisters and two cool parents; I have no other family besides them in Georgia. Everyone else in my family lives in upstate New York, so every year we drive or fly up and stay with them for a few months.

Picture of where my family lives

What I like to do

  1. Hanging with friends
  2. Playing drums
  3. Getting an education for myself
  4. I Like to travel and my favorite place to visit is Canada
  5. I enjoy skating
  6. I like playing soccer
  7. I like to go to concerts and meet new people

  8. Travel Page

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