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Here is a picture of me at the school in the computer room about to do the project.



  • What tool helped when cropping bitmap images?

The Magic Scissors.

  • When editing images, what works better, compressed or uncompressed? Justify your answer.

Uncompressed because it is has better quality for editing images.

  • When sharing your image, either through email or posting to a website, name (2) reasons why we use compressed rather than uncompressed/raw versions.

1. Compressed versions are easier to download and post to places. 2. Smaller file size

  • What did you find to be the most difficult portion of this project? Would it have been easier with a different type of bitmap image?

The most difficult portion of the project would be trying do the different blurs. It would work at first, but when I saved it, the blurring would change to a different type and would mess up the picture.

  • What else did you discover with Gimp while doing this project?

I have never used Gimp before so all of this was new to me. All of the different things that I could do to the images was what I discovered with Gimp. I did like the different blurring techniques and other things that I could do to the background though.

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